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Joy Harjo

An American Sunrise

Fiction | Poem | Adult | Published in 2017

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Literary Device Questions

1. What is the poem’s main perspective (point-of-view)?

A) third-person limited

B) omniscient

C) first-person

D) second-person

2. How does “An American Sunrise” utilize an inverted acrostic form?

A) The last word of each line represents part of another poet’s work.

B) The first word of each line, reading up, provides the poem’s theme.

C) The second half of each line can be read first, creating a double meaning.

D) The opening lines contain the answer to the conflict posed at the end.

3. Of the phrasing examples below, which contains a strong example of assonance?

A) “spit them out”

B) “fire-lit pathway”

C) “ready to strike”

D) “a little gin”

For the following question, write a one-sentence response based on details in the poem.

4. How is the literary device anaphora (deliberate repetition) evident in “An American Sunrise”?